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My website started generating revenue

I created my own blog in the month of July 2012 as per the suggestion from Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N. It was the time I decided to look for an opportunity as an anchor (Video Jockey) in Television channel. So Dr Maharaja suggested me that having a website will give me a competitive advantage in the market.

He explained me the need of a blog and how simple it’s to maintain. He explained me that I shall share my information to a greater extent; I shall share my event pictures, videos and other updates so that I would be noticed by others and I get more opportunities. I immediately said “Yes” to have a website for me. He created a blog style website for me and taught me blogging in 3 hours. Till then I never had an idea of having a website and moreover I thought it needs a lot of computer programming knowledge. But when I was introduced to the blog style website, I realized how useful it is and how simple it is.

Once the basic structure of my website was ready, I started blogging regularly and spent hours in making my website more decorative and more functional. One important thing what Dr Maharaja taught me was that “keep adding value to the people by sharing your knowledge and sharing what they need”. Since I have been into different fields like Media, EmCeeing, Training and Marketing, I started updating stuffs related to these fields and also other happenings in my life which people would enjoy reading.

So I have been using my website to share both my personal and career updates. I was happy to see my website functioning better day after day. I could see a lot of visitors coming into my websites regularly and that too through different search engines, i.e. they search for some key words in search engines like Google and my website is popped up in the first page result. This motivated me to work more on my website regularly and keep it updated.

Last month I got a call from a person named Gabriel from the Event Management Company “The Fuller Life”. He said that he’s calling from Bangalore and he needed an EmCee to host the game shows at CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions), Chennai. He wanted to check if I would be interested and if I’m available for 12 days. I bounced in joy when I got such an offer of hosting event for a corporate. I confirmed my availability to him. I always have a habit of checking who referred me so that I shall thank the concerned person for referring me. I asked him how he got my details and he said that he got my details online when he was looking for EmCees in Chennai. That made me to bounce in joy once again as that offer was a result of my website. Now I have successfully hosted those 12 days event and I’m really happy that it’s a good experience for me and its adding weight to my events portfolio. Moreover whatever the cost I have spent on my website for these 2 years, I have got it triple the time in just this one chain of event.

Chennai emcee Thamizharasan at CTS Corporate Event Thamizharasan at CTS Event Pallikaranai Chennai MC Thamizharasan at CTS Event Thamizharasan at CTS Event Pallikaranai

Same way I got an offer a few months back. I watched a short film titled “Kurangu” and immediately I made a video review for that short film, updated it in my website and shared it in Facebook. After seeing this review, one of the short film directors called me to act in his next short film. However he dropped the project due to some other reasons. Still I was happy that someone called me to act after seeing my review in facebook and in my website.

So the purpose of this post is just to share with you the thought that having a website/blog and updating it regularly will get you more opportunities in your field.

I’ll share more information about my CTS event in my next post. Click here to read my next post.

Have a nice time.

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Chennai emcee Thamizharasan at CTS Corporate EventAbsolutely cool now and forever,
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