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Welcome to Hypnotique Circle’s (Madras) monthly meeting

Dear Friends,

It’s long time since I connected with you through a video. So I thought that let me connect with you through a video today. When I was thinking about the topic to discuss, I remembered that 2nd Sunday of the month is nearing. So let me discuss that. Well, what’s special about 2nd Sunday.

Yes, it’s the day on which Hypnotique Circle (Madras) meets at Hotel Palm Grove, Chennai between 2.29pm to 6.00pm. I have already spoken about Hypnotique Circle in a few of my posts. However those posts were about a small intro on Hypnotique Circle and what I was doing there (like I’m going to give a speech or I have given a speech, etc). This post is exclusively to explain what’s Hypnotique Circle, what’s hypnotism, who are the audience and what are the topics discussed.

Here is the video (in Tamil) explaining the above and the transcript of the video is given below the video.

Hypnotique Circle is a non profitable Self Development circle in Chennai which has been running successfully for more than 39 years. The session goes this way – Circle President gives a welcome note at 2.29 pm after which the guests and members introduce themselves. Then comes the speech by the main speaker for 1 to 1.5 hours. Then we have a tea break after which two more speakers speak. Session concludes with mass relaxation which is the highlight of the Hypnotique Circle.

The topics discussed include personality development topics, psychology related topics, self development, goal setting, motivation, inter personal relationship, career guidance and any topics related to positive attitude.

People from different fields assemble here in search of knowledge and to develop themselves in a positive way. It includes doctors, journalists, lawyers, psychologists, managers, financial advisers, teachers, lecturers, trainers, media persons, etc.

There is a myth about hypnotism. The myth is that the hypnotist tries to attract other people through his eyes and induce them to do anti-social work or make them do work for his personal benefits. However this myth is absolutely wrong. Hypnotism is nothing but giving suggestions to your sub-conscious mind by bye-passing your conscious mind. Our conscious mind is like the tip of an ice berg and the sub conscious mind is like the huge part of the ice berg that is below the water surface. So when you give suggestions to your sub conscious mind, it somehow gets the work done for you. The sub conscious mind has two main purposes – keep you alive and keep you happy.

Mass relaxation is an hypnotic technique that helps you in keeping your body and mind calm, relaxed and to accept positive suggestions. Mass relaxation technique is done for 20 minutes. For the first 5 minutes all the parts of our body (from head to toe) are made to relax. For the next 5 minutes, we are taken to a pleasant natural place like beach, forest, hill station, green valley etc. By this time we reach the Trans state (Alpha state) where it’s easy for us to reach the sub conscious mind. For the next 5 minutes, positive suggestions are given to our sub conscious mind and the last 5 minutes we are brought back to the original position. Once we complete the mass relaxation, we feel fully energized and we get the urge to achieve something in life.


For more Hypnotique Circle photos, please click here.

A lot of speakers and trainers have come out as better trainers after speaking in Hypnotique Circle (Madras).

I have invited a lot of my friends to this circle. A few have already come and others are yet to experience this. A few of my friends complain to me that their life seems very boring – they go to office, come back home, take rest, again go to office and have a busy weekend. Hence life seems monotonous and boring. I have suggested them to attend the lectures at Self Development circles so that they can bring some changes in their lives. However they are not ready to sacrifice their Sunday by attending the Self Development circles. They neither want to have a monotonous boring life nor they are ready to learn things to change their lives. My humble suggestion is that if you want to bring some changes in your life, try to do something different from your routine life.

Change Management

Here is the agenda for this month (10th February, 2013):

Hypnotique Circle (Madras)

I would be happy to see guys there. Do attend it and get benefited. Have a nice time.


VJ Thamizharasan at Hypnotique Circle (Madras)Always yours with absolute cool now and forever,

VJ Thamizharasan




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