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Hypnotique Circle (Madras) welcomes you for its monthly meeting – March 2013

Dear Friends, I would like to invite you for Hypnotique Circle’s monthly meeting on 10/03/2013. To know more about Hypnotique Circle, what’s hypnotism, who are the audience and what are the topics discussed, please check my earlier post http://vjthamizharasan.com/welcome-to-hypnotique-circles-madras-monthly-meeting/ by clicking here.

Since International Women’s Day is being celebrated this month (08/03/2013), Hypnotique Circle has decided to give opportunity to women to take through the entire session. Hence all the speakers for this month would be women. Women are going to rock this month’s show. Find below the agenda for this month.

Speakers and Topics :
Ms Rajani Sree – A Milestone in Women
Ms Swarna – Affirmations
Ms Padma Narayanaswamy – Law of Attraction
Ms Soshina – Happiness Quotient
Ms Ragini Rao – Wonderful world of Transactional Analysis
Ms Ananthi Karthic – Mass Relaxation

Hypnotique Circle Agenda March 2013

Hypnotique Circle Bulletin Cover Page

I would be happy to see you people there. Do attend it and get benefited. Have a nice time. Happy Women’s Day. 🙂


VJ Thamizharasan at Hypnotique Circle (Madras) Always yours with absolute cool now and forever,

VJ Thamizharasan





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